Throughout my recovery, I have found that looking back at old photos can cause a mix of emotions. I find it difficult to view images that were taken after September 2014, and that is because you can see a very clear deterioration in my health. However, any taken before that period in my life are motivating, and I aspire to get back to how I was at that time; healthy and content. I know that my mental health was not great for a quite a while before September 2014, although, it had not yet got to the point where it was completely taking over my life. 

I wanted to add a variety of images to my blog, not only to remind me of times when I was happy, confident and comfortable; but also to remind me of just how much this illness stripped me of. Some of these photos are quite shocking, and to be honest, I do not even recognise myself in some of them during 2015. I just want to point out that these images are not meant to upset anybody or be used in a negative way. I wanted to show how the illness can grasp hold of you in such a short space of time, seemingly out of the blue, but then show a progression to how I am now forcing it to release me from its life threatening hold.

July 2011- June 2012

November 2012- July 2013

2013- 2014

February 2014- July 2014

Potential Triggers

New York 2014/15

April 2015- June 2015

June 2015

July 2015- August 2015

July 2015- December 2015

November 2015

Christmas 2015

Norway 2015/16

July 2016

European Travels- July/August 2016

University- September-December 2016

Disneyland Paris- December 2016

Christmas 2016

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