28 April 2016

A Special Announcement...

My commitment and passion to making a change in the way that mental health is viewed and dealt with in the UK has seen me embark on some exciting projects. My blog, being a guest speaker, attending radio interviews, becoming a columnist for The Yorkshire Times and #ThePressurePlate campaign; they have all stemmed from a desire to be a voice of honesty about my suffering, but I hope that my next venture will have the most impact to date.

I have been invited to attend a meeting in London on 8th June 2016 to be a member of CentreForum's Children and Young People's Mental Health Commission's Youth Reference Group. CentreForum is ‘an independent think tank that develops evidence-based research to influence both national debate and policy making.’ This charitable organisation is devoted to raising the profile of topics and issues within the UK that are somewhat lacking in priority when it comes to government attention and in many cases, funding. I will be attending a meeting that specifically focuses on the current state of mental health services, and consequently, I will have the opportunity to share my opinions based on my personal experiences. Although not entirely sure on the format of the event, I am expecting it to be a very informative, thought provoking and passion driven engagement.

Reading the April 2016 report on ‘Children and Young People’s Mental Health: State of the Nation’, I am both horrified and accepting of some of the information accumulated from their in depth research and surveys. Horrified in terms of the evidence-based facts regarding referrals, waiting times and treatment solutions, yet accepting due to experiencing some of these difficulties first hand.

This is an opportunity that I feel will not come around often, and I am very thankful to have been accepted to voice my experiences and opinions about mental health services in this country. I hope that it will strengthen the efforts of this organisation, and make a bigger impression on the government’s need to focus on this area of the health sector.

I look forward to following up this post with what I hope to be, a very positive account of my involvement at the meeting!

For those that are interested, here is the link to CentreForum’s ‘Children and Young People’s Mental Health: State of the Nation’ report:

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