25 August 2016

Mental Health Awareness Project

As many of you know, I have decided to use my personal experience of suffering with a mental health condition to make a positive difference in the way that such illnesses are perceived in society. This is mostly seen through my writing efforts on my blog, but I also dedicate a lot of time to organisations, charities and media outlets. My work is usually produced independently, however, for this next project I require some help from family, friends and the public.

I recently signed up to be a ThinkWell Ambassador for a wonderful organisation called Pixel Learning. Their aim is to ‘use film to inspire empathy in young people, empowering them to deal with challenging issues before they reach a point of crisis.’ I would welcome you all to have a look at their website or follow them on Twitter to look at the exciting projects and workshops they are working on; I will note the links at the end of the post.

On 10th October it is World Mental Health Day and along with the team at Pixel Learning and the other ThinkWell Ambassadors, we concluded that using the fundamental aims of the organisation, we should create a project to support this special day. The idea is still yet to be finalised, however, we are hoping to use film in order to communicate an inspiring and informative representation of how mental health is viewed in society- this is where I need your help!

We are proposing the following questions to the public:

What does mental health mean?
What does mental health mean to you?

I would like you to respond to either or both of these questions through a drawing, a phrase or a word. I then require you to take a photo of your piece of work and send it to me via email, Facebook message or a direct message on Twitter. I will not pass on any names of the people that have produced the work, but I would really appreciate it if you could please send a second message telling me your age and location. I will write my contact details at the end of the post.

It would be fantastic to get a wide range of people responding to this, so if you could ask your children, parents or even grandparents to participate that would be amazing! It does not matter about your age or location- the more responses the better! I think it could potentially be a very fascinating project and I am excited to see the outcome.

As always, I really appreciate the time that everybody takes to read my writing and support my work. It is so important to me that people understand mental illness and do not fear opening up about their problems; this is why I embrace every opportunity to raise awareness of the topic. I am pleased to tell you about this film project because you too can contribute and help to make a difference. I look forward to seeing your photographs!

Facebook- Jess Mell
Twitter- @JessMell

Pixel Learning Website- www.pixellearning.org

Pixel Learning Twitter- @Pixel_Learning

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